Our BUTLER / LIFE DRAWING events are in no way EROTIC or ADULT activities.

They are however GREAT FUN & MEMORABLE social events.

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Don’t Just Take our Word For it -

Our aim is to ensure that we design FUN, MEMORABLE events for ALL our clients. The majority are kind enough to tell us how much they have enjoyed themselves  -  via Facebook, Twitter, phone or email. Here are a few of the more recent comments:-


Our Life Drawing went REALLY well! EVERYONE enjoyed it.

The effort that our Tutor& Model put into personalising it to “The Hen” was appreciated too. Again, I’d Recommend this GREAT  Experience to ANYONE!

(”Bride’s Mum / Chief Hen”)


 JUNE 2023


We design / deliver Life Drawing & Butlering events across the UK - providing a NATIONWIDE service for City Centre, Town, Village & Rural locations. The cost of the venue usually being included in the overall charge.

If the event is in your Home/Office or Holiday Hire, provided it’s safe & suitable we can usually work there too.

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Here are some of the more memorable moments captured at recent events via our “Picture(s) of the Month” (below).

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Scroll through these REAL testimonials (below) from some of our REAL clients.

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Life Drawing & Butlering Events

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