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Our 3 regional Controllers are all professional, respected Life Models and ideally suited to manage these very unusual, entertaining events for you and your fellow party goers, closely liaising with our nationwide teams of Models/Tutors & Venues on your behalf.

Equally importantly, we don't just provide a nude model who stands there for an hour -  our expert teams deliver a quality, entertaining, proven FUN Life Drawing experience in welcoming venues across the UK for the full time that you book with us.  

Fun, Fit and experienced models are at the heart of the enjoyable, memorable events wedeliver across the country


We carefully select our models not only for their looks, but also for their their talent, experience and ability to present and deliver a Fun, Entertaining Social Life Drawing Event for a wide variety of groups.

We supply CITY CENTRE Venues as standard or we can often visit your holiday home (if its suitable)


Our standard events include a City Centre venue, usually well equipped Hotel Function Rooms. If your event is scheduled for a smaller town or even village -  don’t worry as we’ve found and worked from lovely venues from the heights of the Brecon Beacons to equally lavish locations overlooking the Solent.

FUN is at the heart of the professionally delivered Life Drawing "experiences" that we provide acros the UK

Your focus for your event is on having fun with your friends -  ours is on ensuring that we provide everything that you’ll need -  with “no worries”.

Hence, from the moment you book with us you’re safe in the knowledge that the following vital elements of your event will not only be there on the day - but that they’ll be of the quality / value that you expect and deserve.

What ever your choice, when your event kicks off, you’ll be delighted with what you see and in the professional manner in which our model(s) deliver what is after all, an enjoyable, highly unusual entertainment. Why not click through on the picture to the right to see more about our models?

Your first choice is “WHICH would you prefer? - One of our talented, Inspirational MALE or FEMALE Models to be the centre piece for your event?

Perhaps if you’ve a mixed group - you’d like one of each?

Click on the model to the right to see some more information that should help you make the choice, including our LGBTI options.

You can choose a Female model for your event
You can choose a Male model for your event
You might like to have a Male AND a Female Model for your Event if you have a Mixed group for exampleOur TERRIFIC Tutors will lead you through FUN Life Drawing techniques with your model


Our Fit, Experienced models don't just “Stand there Nude” in a single pose for their time with you. Believe us (we’ve been told) no matter how attractive they are -  that would be boring!

We deliver a 60 or 90 minute Life Drawing Experience. An integral part of that is our Talented Tutors / Model Experts, who “drawing” on years of Art knowledge and their exhuberant characters, actively lead our Life Drawing Groups through the fun, entertaining and memorable exercises.

This combination of Experience, Talent and Ability, is carefully selected / nurtured in our prospective tutors and promoted in those that make the grade to ensure that the events they deliver for us are remembered for their entertainment value and quality!

Our talented team members are trained to lead you (no matter what your artistic ability) through the FUN exercises so that at the end of the session you will ALL have produced a number of (at least “vaguely” human looking”) sketches that will be the envy of your friends, colleagues and relatives.

Don't be put off by our Tutors being experienced, their skill and knowledge in the Art world combined with that of working as part of our team, ensures that the event will be a quality, entertaining Art Adventure!

Click here to see about us delivering a City Centre event for you
Click here to see about us delivering an event in your Rural Venue


The choice is YOURS!

Our teams operate across the UK Cities, Market Towns, Villages and Hamlets. We’ve yet to be stumped -  but please give us a try

If your Holiday Hire is “out into the sticks” that's no problem either - and if you’ve your own venue (Home or “Holiday Hire” we can usually travel to you  - usually at no extra charge.

Once we accept a booking  from you, we’ve a Duty of Care to your group (and our Field Team) and so we ensure that our venues are large enough, private and “fit for purpose”. We don't just squeeze you in any where - a lovely location is an integral element of our over all offering and your pleasure in our event.

Click through on the picture to the right for more details on our Venues.   

You can choose a 60 minute Life Drawing event
You can choose a 90 minute Life Drawing event

From long experience, we've found that for most groups, a 60 minute event  is the perfect duration. It is very important to note though that we don’t waste your time by getting you to draw each other - you can do that at home at a far lower cost! Your event with us includes the model for the entire duration.

Some groups, (the “Larger” or perhaps the more “adventurous”) ask us to deliver a longer event. For these we have a superb 90 min option where we include a few more (slightly longer) exercises to stretch your capabilities even further! Don’t worry, the cost is only SLIGHTLY more than for the 60 minute sessions!   

Not scrappy paper and pencils - we provide QUALITY equipment for you to enjoy in your event


That's an easy one. Our expertise is in Life Drawing and hence, we provide all the ART equipment you’ll need to enjoy your event.

That’s Quality A3 drawing pads, Quality (English) Willow Charcoal and a superbly flexible lesson plan that will morph to accommodate the exact requirements of your particular group.

We don’t want to waste your time by teaching you to use and easel, torture you with the intricacies of using Oils, Water colours or pastels (etc). The ease and flexibility of using charcoal lets you get on with the focus of the day meeting and drawing your model from the start.           

Similarly, we don’t impose irrelevant fancy dress on your group - or provide “complimentary” bottles of Booze - but you are welcome to come along in themed dress if you wish (many do - but it is your choice).

However, if (where licensing laws permit) you’d like us to supply a bottle (or two) of bubbly -  we’d be delighted -  that is one of the very reasonably priced options we offer.

Click on the bottle to hear more about that and the other options we offer to our groups.

At many venues we can provide a sumptuous serving of Bubbly - just ask

Lesson Plan:-

Every Life Drawing event we have run has been different.

Very early on, we realised that no matter how good a single lesson plan was, it wouldn’t be able to cope with the incredibly wide range of groups that were coming to us - let alone maximise the enormous pool of talent our Models / Tutors contributed.

As a result, we’ve evolved a series of guidelines under which our events are delivered.

They are dynamic, allowing our Field Teams a huge amount of flexibility for each and every group / event.

They do however ensure that the groups of Hens / Stags will successfully progress through a series of FUN  life drawing exercises to depart with many happy memories, a fist full of quirky sketches and for some -  a desire to try life drawing for real!   

We are happy to cater for LGBTI Events as well - please let us know prior so that we can ensure suitable Models for you
We dont just have a model stand in front of you for an hour - we have a very effective, FUN and informative EVENT for you to enjoy

The lesson plan is just one small part of the unique, extensive quality control process that we apply across our entire nationwide operation to ensure that no matter where a group wants one of our events, they receive a FUN, RELIABLE, QUALITY experience.

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or use the arrow to the right to see more about our models

Please use this link to see more about our modelsWe are delighted to offer you a choice drawing from your model(s) for 60 or 90 minutes sessions for your LIFE DRAWING Event


Its important that your event runs to your schedule and expectations and as from the thousands of events that we’ve run across the country we’ve found that the ideal duration for the sessions is between 60 and 90 minutes - we offer those choices to you.

What ever your choice though - that is the time that your model(s) will be with you. If you book a 60 or 90 minute Life Drawing class with us -  that is exactly what you’ll enjoy as you are lead through your FUN, ENTERTAINING session working from your expert, talented, fit model from start to finish.

The pace of the session will be dictated by the experience of your group - but the outcome will be the same - a myriad of memories, gallons of giggles and a bundle of at least “Vaguely” human looking sketches for each of you to take away with you on the day as more permanent mementos.

Although our 90 minute sessions are more suited to the larger groups (15 +) so that all participants are able to be fully involved in the Life Drawing experience, they work equally well for small groups and larger groups thoroughly enjoy the standard 60 minutes sessions too.

You can choose a 60 Minute Life Drawing EventYou can choose a 90 Minute Life Drawing Event
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They are however GREAT FUN & MEMORABLE social events.

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